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What’s the saying when your young, time crawls by when your old, it sprints by… and whew… what…. another month has passed and I have to admit… I have been caught by the facebook.com and the linkedin.com bug… don’t do it.. stay away from those links… haha as if that would stop you, I warn you they are addictive… I’ll admit I’ve received many emails requesting to join up and resisted them all and then all of a sudden even more were showing up in my email box and I had to see what the fuss was about…. The social networking web craze is very interesting… again … hmmmm a lot of hype and many I’m sure will bore with it soon… hopefully the guys that created them will get some money out before the masses find something new and wander off to this new happening spot… there are a few social sites out there, the real scary thing it the amount of personal info the peeps put out there … no wonder theres a spike in identity theft… thats it for now, I promise I will post something for all you bots coming to my site, I do check the logs.
… haahaha… and for you all that keep in touch… although I sense you are posting on my Facebook wall any way… a couple other interesting sites …. Visit my buds site (if your in Canada) www.blogtv.ca… an interesting one… I might just have to have a show… or snipshot.com I’m still wondering how to rotate a pic… if it could do that… thats something worth some coin…

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