Well, we’ve finally put some pictures up. Those who would like to know, this was a feat, since there are many (and I mean many) wedding proofs. In fact a word of warning, they are not complete and are not organized, and are a selection by the groom. They can be found Here . If you would like a cd of the proofs, to order a few pictures for yourselves, send me an email and I will try to burn a CD for you. (That’s if I can figure why my new DVD burner won’t burn). More later…

and BTW, Thanks to Georges and Elie you guys are the best.

Also, please don’t use the pictures without our authorization. (Unless we know you or you’re in the picture and thus you can do as you please, with in reason.)

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The cool couple are married... and NOW we are expecting our first Little One!!!
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  1. Sarah Ducharme says:

    Hello there, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your honeymoon. I am back in Canada myself and with my family in Toronto. the rest of the vacation with my mom was great. Simone I have sent my resume off to David D’Aprile but wanted to let you know that your website doesn’t seem to work? I hope to get my own website up and running with my pics from italy so we will have to exchange email address’ and photos. Hope everything is well back here in TO.

    Sarah (Sorento)

  2. Brenda says:

    I thought you might be putting more pictures up???? I know I know busy busy busy but for some of us with no life we need these little pleasures! Hee hee hee

  3. pat n kendra says:

    hey you guys,

    congratulations. just visited the site. let’s have some pics eh? will see you in feb or early march. nothing like coming home in the dead of winter.

    pat and kendra

  4. pat n kendra says:


    there they are. i’ve had too much sun.

    beautiful pics you guys. lovely dress Simone.

    Dave, we went through Malaysia by the way. Knowing you lived there, have to say Penang was really cool. Will have to talk about it when we get back now having a reference.

    pat and kendra

  5. Suzanne says:

    Hi Simone: Followed barry’s link from his blog here. Wow…beautiful…beautiful pics!! You look like a princess…wishing you and Dave the very best.

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