Beirut under fire…

As you well know, my parents have lived in Beirut for almost 10 years now, but once the Israeli bombs started dropping a little too close to home (10 min. walk!), they decided it was time to leave. With many tears, they packed a small bag and were able to leave on the last British boat out of the port. Currently they are “refugees” wandering Europe… without a home.

It is so sad to watch the destruction of such a beautiful country. I worry constantly about friends left behind, Elizabeth, Moreen & Charles etc.- I wonder if it will ever be safe again? I hope so, I know so… It has to be… non?

I have such fond memories of Beirut – I think everyone who has visited does.

There is not another city in the world (and we’ve been to a lot of them!) that has come close to the charm that Beirut offers… Incredible architecture, amazing shopping, fabulous restaurants and the nightlife oh the nightlife… Unbelievable… I keep the memories close, revisit the many pictures and remember the fabulous wedding we had in the mountains. I am so happy that our friends and family were able to experience Lebanon. We discussed many times of all going back, doing it up “one more time.”

Chady, Elie, Georges, Rosie, Johnny… we think of you, your families and hope for a quick resolution…

Please visit my, our memories of a happy Beirut, a fun Beirut, a spirit we know that will never die. More of our Lebanon photos can be found here or some of Barry’s Beirut Photo’s are here.

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